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Gaëtane Lenain is caring, trustworthy and sees the best in people. Keeping up with the latest coaching techniques, Gaëtane is an Associate Certified Coach and a board member of the ICF Belgium Chapter.


Former expat herself, Gaetane supports her clients to work and adapt themselves to their new environment, being a new job, a new company or a new country. Having relocated across the ocean four times with a growing family, she knows what flexibility means. She also developed a large network across Europe and the U.S., valuable cultural and practical information for Leaders developing new technologies.


With her scientific background, Gaetane assists her clients to connect the dots and to create a plan coherent with their strengths and values.


          J'ai apprécié l'écoute, l'efficacité et le partage d'expérience en toute transparence et authenticité.

Trainer - Training & Personal Development




At GL Coaching, we believe that professional fulfilment has a positive impact on every aspect of a person’s life.


A common vision, a clear strategy and effective processes are essential to a stimulating environment leading a company and its people to move forward.



GL Coaching assists leaders to develop and share efficiently a global vision. They become more inspiring leaders and a sense of ownership grows within the organization.


By developing a tailored strategy and actionnable steps with its clients, GL Coaching supports companies to create a positive working environment for their employees.


With internationally recognized certifications in leadership and team coaching, GL Coaching offers workshops around themes such as Vision, High-Performing Teams and Effective Communication that are specially designed for Global Leaders developing new technologies.


The workshops can be combined with coaching sessions in competitive packages.

           I found it to be a fruitful and calming experience. The kind nature and smooth delivery of the coach made me feel very comfortable and relaxed.

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