Our Workshops

A workshop is the ideal place to learn and share ideas on a given topic, to create momentum and to connect with like-minded people. Typically starring between 8 and 15 attendees, the workshop takes approximately half a day and includes a well balanced mix of theory, personal input and practical exercises. The workshop can be combined with individual coaching sessions. This coaching program ensures that each person adapts the learnings to their own personalities and situations. We work on-site at your company or off-site at the location of your choice.

Available workshops:


Build Your High Performing Team

Create & Share Your Compelling Vision

Develop Your Emotional Intelligence

Resilience & Emotional Intelligence

What happens when two coaches passionate about well-being and emotional intelligence get together? Oxygen is created!


Thanks to that fresh oxygen brought to your workplace, employees learn to identify their energy sources and their stress factors. They recognise their emotions better and develop their communication skills. Ultimately, they will be better equipped to choose the most appropriate reaction to deal with all kinds of situation.

More information: O-2.coach, a GL Coaching & Talenco collaboration.

Neuroscience & Leadership Styles

Discover how to adopt the right state of mind in difficult situations. Starting from Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence, you will learn to identify and choose the reactions that lead to better results.

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Effective Networking

Presenting Complex Results made Easy


Professional Development

Career Coaching

Expats: Smooth Move & Aftermove!

Team Diagnostic Assessment 

TDA: A unique team assessment tool to determine how close you are to having a High Performing Team! The tool measures 7 factors contributing to the productivity of the team and 7 factors contributing to the positivity of the team. Discover your team's strengths and pitfalls and act on it for a continuously improving team.

Team Diagnostic Assessment*


Assessment Debrief


Team Coaching Program

* Graphics and the Team Diagnostic™ model © 2016 Team Coaching International used here with permission

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All Workshops include the necessary material and e-books with links to useful and inspiring resources.

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