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A workshop is what you need if you want an expert to guide you through the process of improving leadership or team performances.

If you prefer to dedicate your time to a reflection process where you will combine your experience, learnings and values into powerful personal solutions check out the Individual Coaching page.


The GL Coaching workshops will help you design and implement an inspiring Vision and a compelling strategy to get the results needed.

Each workshop is packed with techniques based on neurosciencepractical tips and inspiring resources. Thanks to clearly stated values and motivating goals you will be able to create a team synergy that produces outstanding results.

Personalised, the workshops also include time to immediately apply the taught concepts to your specific situation.

Please find below a brief overview of our workshop offer. For more details, You can download the brochure with the timing, prices and insights covered by each workshop.


Combine a

VR team building activity

with one of our


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Workshop for Leaders

Neuroscience & Leadership Styles

Discover how to adopt the right state of mind in difficult situations. Starting from Neuroscience and Emotional Intelligence, you will learn to identify and choose the reactions that lead to better results.

Vision & Strategy Empowered by SMART Goals

The SMART concept explained and directly applied to create a powerful strategy. Communicate a clear plan to your employees and motivate them to get results that make sense!

Effective Networking & Pitching

Create a powerful personal message. Get a potential client, investor or new team member on board thanks to storytelling techniques

And More:

Create & Share a Compelling Vision;

SMART Goals Design;

Impactful Presentations...

Please find here the full brochure.

During a training, you learn from an expert and you are inspired by your peers. It is an important first step to induce change.

Coaching facilitates the process of translating what you learned into clear actions adapted to your current situation. The best results are obtained through a complete program starting with a workshop followed by coaching sessions spread over a period of 6 to 9 months.

Gl Coaching offers both individual and team coaching programs.


All our workshops can be delivered in English, French or Dutch.


Workshops - Assessment - Coaching

The workshops for Leaders can all be adapted into workshops for a specific team. Please contact us for a tailored offer. 

Build a High-Performing Team

Learn how the team as a system affects each team member, align individual, team and organisation values, create a Team Agreement, clarify roles and objectives...

Team Diagnostic Assessment (TDA)*

A unique team assessment tool to determine how close you are to having a High Performing Team! The tool measures 7 factors contributing to the productivity of the team and 7 factors contributing to the positivity of the team. Discover your team's strengths and pitfalls and act on it for a continuously improving team.

Team Coaching International developed other assessments based on the same model: the Team Leader View™, the Organisation View™ and the Team 360 View™

This methodology yields outstanding results: Teams following these programs register an average improvement of 20% in team performance!

By combining these amazing tools for team improvement with our coaching methods adapted to leaders and engineers developing new technologies, we offer you a truly unique approach to your challenges.

* Team Diagnostic™ is a trademark of Team Coaching International.

Graphics, text descriptions and the Team Diagnostic™ model © 2016 Team Coaching International used here with permission.

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The Team Coaching program is meant to empower the team and each member to improve their relationships and to obtain better results.


We start by creating a Team Agreement​ to clarify roles, objectives and most of all how the team members will hold each other accountable.

During the following sessions, we will monitor progress, celebrate wins, address issues in a way that the team becomes autonomous to face successfully new challenges while building a positive and enjoyable work atmosphere. They are becoming a High-Performing Team.

The team is committed to this program as a whole. Each team member will be present during every session. The number and frequency of the sessions are decided according to your needs. Each session lasts about 2 hours.

All Workshops include the necessary material and e-books with links to useful and inspiring resources.

For more information on prices and logistics, please contact us.