International Coaching Week 2018

In May, ICF coaches from around the world celebrate their profession with special events and offers.

This year we share two offers with you:

- A free coaching session;

- A free webinar: Entrepreneur's resources - Attracting & Letting Go


Free coaching sessions (1h) 


​If you

  • feel overwhelmed;

  • wish there were 36 hours in a day;

  • have trouble defining your priorities, don’t know where to start;

  • regularly put off some tasks essential to the success of your business;

  • spend money and valuable time into projects that do not deliver the results you need,

... then a coaching program will help you stay focused on what truly matters and get results.


Business Coaching

Contact me before May 25 to book your free business coaching session. You will receive 10 questions to define a short-term action plan aligned with your vision. Stay focused on what matters!

0494 42 70 10 - 

Career Coaching

Brussels (Woluwé-St-Lambert)

Discover what coaching is with Cédric Lefebvre, Insight & Coaching.

Five of you will receive a first coaching session of one hour, free of charge. Find out how to better manage your stress, harmonise your private and professional lives, strengthen your self confidence or drive a desired career change.

Contact Cédric by phone 0472 67 02 68 or by e-mail

Brussels (Ixelles​)

​Experience the power of somatic coaching with Samira Blanjean, Boost Your Potential.

This is a unique and innovative method created by a French coach and former dancer: Josette Lépine. It is all about coaching of movement. Following a very clear process, this type of coaching uses your body in motion, your intuition and the corporal expression of you emotions and feelings. This method allows you to go further and faster thanks to the integration of the body with the mind, aiming at a change in total harmony.

The first 3 persons who contact Samira Blanjean will receive a free Somatic Coaching Session of one hour. Mention the code ICW 2018 to benefit from this offer.

Contact Samira by phone 0478 66 47 21 or by e-mail à

Somatic Coaching

The Entrepreneurs' Resources - Attracting and Letting Go 


Free Webinar

Entrepreneurs need to attract resources like people, energy, money, time - and sometimes they need to decide to let them go. 
In this webinar we explore how coaching helps you make these decisions and face the everyday challenges of an entrepreneur. 

May 7 from 12:30pm to 2pm (CEST) 

Register for this webinar and get the link to book a free coaching session with one of the Coaches Supporting Young Entrepreneurs.

About Coaches Supporting Young Entrepreneurs:

We are ICF coaches from Sweden, Belgium, France Greece and Oman. Passionate about entrepreneurs and dedicated to their success, we share tips and insights about how coaching supports a leader to create and run a business.

Take the first step towards achieving your goals! Contact us today and schedule a free exploratory session