Executive & Leadership Coaching

 As a global leader you face demanding challenges. Managing an international team and making decisions that have a global impact require you to develop a broad perspective. You want to learn how to communicate your vision effectively. You dream of a highly performing and united team. Read on to discover the benefits of our coaching sessions.


          Devoting time to coaching is an essential commitment to yourself.
       Your rewards are personal growth and professional success.


Benefits of Coaching


Using coaching techniques developed in the U.S. and recognized internationally, GL Coaching will help you to create & share your vision, define & prioritise objectives, design and implement a strategy or develop your emotional intelligence.


For You as a Global Leader:


  • Increased influence and credibility

  • Capacity to inspire others

  • Improved listening skills

  • Ability to give better feedback

  • Boosted confidence and self-esteem

For Your Team:


  • Improved communication

  • Empowered employees

  • Commitment to a common vision

  • Increased ownership

  • Results

What to expect 

A coaching program including between 6 and 18 coaching sessions and spreading over 6 to 12 months,

will leave you with an insightful plan and a powerful method for you to apply in all future situation.


Coaching sessions: in person or remotely (phone or skype). 

An individual coaching program can be combined with a relevant workshop for attractive prices.

For more information or a customised offer, please contact us.


  Déléguer et prendre du recul pour mieux me concentrer sur la définition et l'implémentation d'une vraie stratégie en accord avec des valeurs profondément ancrées.

Data scientist & Serial entrepreneur


Quick Look at a Leadership Coaching Program

During our coaching program we will cover the topics that you need to discuss, depending on your circumstances and your priorities. You decide the issue on which we will focus for one or several sessions.





Emotional Intelligence

Empowerment Systems

Topic of

your choice

Need inspiration? Find here an example of a 9-months Leadership Coaching program



The Team Leader View

What is the impact of your leadership on the performances of your team?

Take the Team Leader View assessment. Identify the strengths, weaknesses and true potential of your team. The report is based on the Team Diagnostic model and diagnostic report, used by thousands of teams worldwide.


During a 1-hour debrief with your coach, you will

  • Receive your report on the current state of productivity and positivity of your team;

  • Develop a better understanding of the way your behavior reflects and supports your company’s values;

  • Identify the factors which are at an optimal level and the factors that need improvement;

  • Take the necessary resolutions to put in place in order to improve the chosen factors. 

* Graphics and the Team Diagnostic™ model © 2016 Team Coaching International used here with permission. More information on the website of Team Coaching International.

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