Team Coaching

Improve your Team's productivity and positivity!

When developing new technologies, your company needs to keep up with an ever-changing market. As you know, your success depends on the ability of your staff to work well together. If your team consists mainly of engineers or scientists, they probably face daily challenges when interacting with each other or with stakeholders.

To help you develop your Team, we offer you a Team Coaching program based on a proven method developed by Team Coaching International™: a unique team assessment tool to determine how close you are to having a High-Performing Team! The tool measures 7 factors contributing to the productivity of the team and 7 factors influencing its positivity. Discover your team's strengths and pitfalls and act on it for a continuously improving team.

This methodology yields outstanding results: Teams following these programs register an average improvement of 20% in team performance!

By combining these amazing tools for team improvement with our coaching methods adapted to leaders and engineers developing new technologies, we offer you a truly unique approach to your challenges.

TCI’s team performance methodology is built on a research-based platform of 14 Team Performance Indicators™ (TPIs). Assessment scores in these key areas clearly, and quickly reveal where to invest time and money to improve team performance. Team coaching sessions become a learning and development environment to improve in these key areas.

Put your Team Coaching Program together:

One Team Assessment*or Team Leader View*


One Assessment Debrief Session


Regularly scheduled Team Coaching Sessions


A Concluding Session with post-coaching measurement of performance


* Graphics and the Team Diagnostic™ model © 2016 Team Coaching International used here with permission

More information on the website of Team Coaching International.

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