Vision & Strategy Lean

 10 questions to ask yourself to create your Plan. Save your vision, long-term goals, short-term milestones and actions in a visual and compelling 1-page document. Enable your team and yourself to focus on what truly matters and get results!


Why choose the Vision & Strategy Lean program

Is this program for you? 

You are a Business Owner, a CEO, an Entrepreneur.  

You know what you want for your business and you are on the path to success.


BUT… sometimes…

  • You feel overwhelmed;

  • You wish there were 36 hours in a day;

  • You have trouble defining your priorities, you don’t know where to start;

  • You regularly put off some tasks that are absolutely essential to the success of your business;

  • You spend money and valuable time into projects that do not deliver the results you need.


Do you recognize any of this? These are the tell-tale signs that your Vision or your strategy are not yet clear enough to keep your focus, your energy and your momentum at optimum level. You are not the only one, it happens to all business owners at some point. At GL Coaching we want to help you. So, we developed a Lean support program to create a personalised, visual and actionable Plan.

What will you get out of this program?

  • Clarity on your long-term goals

  • Focus on what really matters

  • Practical and immediately applicable resources

  • A “simple” visual plan including your long-term Vision and a short-term Actionable Strategy to reach it…

      all of this in one page: Your Plan!


It’s time to start your Vision & Strategy Lean journey.

How does it work?

A program exclusively delivered by e-mail!


Throughout the entire process, your coach will send you valuable resources, ask you questions to take your reflections further and will encourage you.


Phase 1: Create Your Plan – 1 to 3 weeks, depending on your commitment and response time

You will receive three e-mails containing the key questions to ask yourself to set ambitious, compelling and motivating objectives for your business. Inspiring material related to these questions (articles, links to a video...) will be included in these initial e-mails.

Once you answered all 10 questions, you will be able to save your answers in a document named Your Plan. This will be your visual summary of your long-term goals and short-term actions. Is Your Plan ready? Send it to your coach for some feedback and clarifying questions.

Finalize Your Plan and keep it in sight: frame it, share it with your partners and with your employees. Be proud of your Plan! It is the result of real work and deep reflection that very few business owners (but all the successful ones) do.


Thanks to Your Plan everybody knows where your company is going, what needs to be done to get there and why they contribute 


Phase 2: Follow-up – 3 months

Just like with the new year’s resolutions, having a Plan is not enough. You need to act on it and keep the momentum! You will encounter some wins, disappointments and tough decisions on the way. It is important to celebrate the successes and to learn from the mistakes. You already know that. And yet you get discouraged or you focus on the wrong actions because you forget about your long-term goals.


Unless you have someone who cares about your success and hold you accountable. For the next 3 months, your coach will be this caring person. She will keep you focused and help you build momentum. Your coach will celebrate your wins with you and remind you why you set out to start your business.


Word of caution:

To create Your Plan, you need to take the time to seriously think about your answers: your values, your long-term vision and your strategy.


To implement it, actions must be taken. It is your responsibility to do the work. This method is developed to help you on this path of reflection.


If you encounter difficulties to formulate your answers or to take action, a live coaching session could help you get unstuck (not included in this package). Your coach will not give you advice or implement your plan for you.

Ready to get things done and get results?

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