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  • Gaëtane Lenain

International Crisis - Help yourself get unstuck

Do you already have a clear view of how the current international context is going to affect your business?

In a society already shaken by the 2 year pandemic, we are now facing a conflict at the border of Europe with lasting implications on the energy, food, transport markets and on numerous materials.

Many companies will soon have to deal with severe shortage in their supply chain or big challenges regarding their infrastructure! These effects will be felt for a long time ahead! Add the climate change to the mix: the VUCA world is not a thought exercise anymore, we are living it!

I will leave the summary of the geo-politico-economic consequences of this conflict on the world order to experts such as political scientist Ian Bremmer. His Ted interview is very complete and insightful! An excellent start to consider the future of your organization in the global context:

More change

More uncertainty

More fear


Less energy

Less people

Less resources

Or is it about different choices, #disruption, #resilience, agility… an opportunity to collectively change the direction where we are headed?

Are you one of the many leaders who feel like they don’t have the time or the knowledge to predict these effects let alone to plan their response?

If you feel paralysed by that much uncertainty, complexity or even fear, here are a few steps to follow:

  • Acknowledge your current state of mind: what exactly are you feeling and thinking?

  • Accept and embrace this mindset: it is okay to feel overwhelmed or powerless in these circumstances. You are not the only one. Take the time to stay in this (very) uncomfortable state. By doing so your are already dealing with your emotions and that helps reduce its intensity.

  • Now, think about what you can do about the situation: you probably can not solve it all by yourself. What is one step that you CAN take as a response to the situation?

  • Act: take that step, it will give you back some sense of control, helping you get back into a more positive mindset where you can identify more actions within your reach.

These steps take you out of the negative spiral of feeling powerless and into a positive spiral in which you can identify and expand your circle of influence.

Let me know if you are interested in a 1-2-1 talk to sort it out or if you would like to get together with peers for a collective intelligence session.

Gaetane Lenain.


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