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Team Agreement * High Performing teams * Delegated Processes

Team Governance * Time Travel


Team Agreement - 1/2 day

Introduction to the 14 Success Factors of a High Performing Team followed by a team charter exercise to define clear and effective ways of working together.


This workshop is designed for a team of 5 to 15 participants. 

High Performing Team - 1 day

The first part of the day is dedicated to the Empowering Team Agreement workshop described above. 

In the afternoon the team will learn the importance of both positivity and productivity factors in fun and insightful ways. We focus on a few of the 14 Success Factors of a High Performing Team. The team will leave with practical ideas to improve these factors.


Delegated Processes - 1/2 day

The delegated processes are a way of organizing and running the team’s meetings... And so much more!!! By adopting these very effective behaviors in their meetings, the team and each of team member become better at making decisions, managing time and interacting daily with every one of their stakeholders…

Team Governance - 1 day

This workshops addresses several critical questions in the mind of a Start-up/Scale-up founder:

Articulation of the Executive Committee, Board of Directors & General Assembly;

How to attract and recruit the right talents;

How to manage the team.


Time Travel - 1/2 day

You are prisoner of your agenda? You feel like you are constantly fire fighting? You never seem to have time for strategic long term thinking, your personal development or your team's development?

Discover how you can regain control of your time.

Learn which permissions you need to give yourself to be a great leader and focus on what truly matters!

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